Makoto Araie

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Ocular blood flow; Optical coherence tomography; Population-based study; Ocular pharmackinetics; Normal-tension glaucoma

Professor emeritus, the University of Tokyo, Visiting professor, Saitama Medical University, Visiting professor, Tokyo Medical University

Director, Kanto Central Hospital of the Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers

President, Japanese Society for Ocular Pharmacology (2004-2006); Board of Governor of Association of World Glaucoma Association (2003-2016).; Council, Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (2003-2017); President, Japan glaucoma Society (2006-2014); President, Japanese Ophthalmological Society (2007-2009); President, Asia-Oceanic Glaucoma Society (2007-2012),Vice President, Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (2011-2015); President, World Glaucoma Association (2010-2011); Membership Committee Chair of Glaucoma Research Society (2012-2016); President, Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society (2014-2016); Chair of the 13th biennial meeting of Glaucoma Research Society (2010, Kyoto); President of the 14th Annual Meeting of
Japan Glaucoma Society (2003); President of and the 112th Annual Congress of Japanese Ophthalmological Society (2008); President of the 33th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons (2010); President of the 29th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology combined with the XXXIV World Congress of Ophthalmology (2014, Tokyo); Section Editor, Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology (1996-); Editor, American Journal of Ophthalmology (2001-2004); Editor, Journal of Glaucoma (2006-); Editor, International Review of Glaucoma (2008-); Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology (20110-); Editor-in-Chief, Folia Japonica Ophthalmologica Clinica (2008-2017)


Wednesday 11.45 am-12.45 pmPlenary 2

Game Changers in Glaucoma

Chair(s): Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Makoto Araie (Japan); Robert Weinreb (United States); Winifred Nolan (United Kingdom);

Friday 1.45 pm-3.15 pmRoom 212 & 213

Normal Tension Glaucoma Symposium

Chair(s): Ingrida Januleviciene (Lithuania); Chan-Yun Kim (South Korea);



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