Keith Martin

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United Kingdom

Vice President and President Elect of the World Glaucoma Association;

Academic Lead for Ophthalmology and Head of the Glaucoma Service at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust;

Group Leader and Deputy Director, John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair, University of Cambridge;

Faculty Member, National Institute for Health Research;

Affiliate Principal Investigator, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

Medical and surgical management of complex glaucoma in adults and children.

Established the Glaucoma Research Laboratory at the University of Cambridge in 2005, aiming to develop new treatments for eye disease using stem cells, gene therapy and other approaches.


Wednesday 11.45 am-12.45 pmPlenary 2

Game Changers in Glaucoma

Chair(s): Makoto Araie (Japan); Winifred Nolan (United Kingdom); Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Robert Weinreb (United States);

Wednesday 3.00 pm-4.30 pmPlenary 2

New frontiers in glaucoma

Chair(s): Peng Khaw (United Kingdom); Janet Serle (United States);

Thursday 1.45 pm-3.15 pmRoom 220

Spotlight on Glaucoma in Africa

Chair(s): Neeru Gupta (Canada); Eddie Kgao Legodi (South Africa); Keith Martin (United Kingdom);

  • 1.45-1.48
    Opening Remarks
    Neeru Gupta (Canada)
  • 1.48-1.56
    A Call to Action in Africa
    Eddie Kgao Legodi (South Africa)
  • 1.56-2.04
    The Magnitude and Burden of Glaucoma in Africa
    Olusola Olawoye (Nigeria)
  • 2.04-2.12
    Is Glaucomatous Disease Different in Africa? Unique Clinical characteristics
    Susie Williams (South Africa)
  • 2.12-2.20
    Challenges and Opportunities of Medical and Surgical Management
    Dan Kiage (Kenya)
  • 2.20-2.28
    The Role of Laser Surgery in Africa
    Tony Realini (United States)
  • 2.28-2.32
    My journey - reducing blindness from glaucoma in South Africa
    Philip Phatudi (South Africa)
  • 2.32-2.36
    My journey - reducing blindness from glaucoma in Cameroon
    Martin Tchouyo (Cameroon)
  • 2.36-2.40
    My journey reducing blindness from glaucoma in Nigeria
    Farouk Garba (Nigeria)
  • 2.40-3.15
    Panel/Audience Discussion

Friday 10.30 am-12.00 pmRoom 212 & 213

New Potions from the Hogwarts Cauldron for Treating Glaucoma

Chair(s): Francesca Cordeiro (United Kingdom); Leonard Levin (Canada); Viney Gupta (India);

Friday 1.45 pm-3.15 pmRoom 203 & 204

ANZGS Symposium - The Gillies Lecture, and A Showcase of Glaucoma Research from Australian and NewZealand Universities

Chair(s): Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Anne Brooks (Australia); Ivan Goldberg (Australia);


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