Jonathan Crowston

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Director of the Centre for Eye Research Australia.

Ageing and neurorecovery of the optic nerve; The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in optic nerve vulnerability to injury


Wednesday 11.00 am-11.45 amPlenary 2

Opening Ceremony

Chair(s): Josh Szeps (Australia);

  • 11.00-11.03
    Josh Szeps (Australia)
  • 11.03-11.15
    Presidents' Welcome - WGA EVP, Associate EVP, President and ANZGS President
    Josh Szeps (Australia)
  • 11.15-11.18
    Welcome in Melbourne by Parliamentary Secretary for Health
    Anthony Carbines (Australia)
  • 11.18-11.21
    Awards Ceremony
  • 11.21-11.23
    WGA Fellowships - Now and in the Future
    Paul Healey (Australia)
  • 11.23-11.25
    Highlights of WGC-2019
    Jonathan Crowston (Australia)
  • 11.25-11.40
    Useful Science Under Pressure
    Robin Batterham (Australia)
  • 11.40-11.45
    Welcome to Country Ceremony by Aboriginal Elders

Wednesday 11.45 am-12.45 pmPlenary 2

Game Changers in Glaucoma

Chair(s): Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Makoto Araie (Japan); Robert Weinreb (United States); Winifred Nolan (United Kingdom);

Thursday 1.45 pm-3.15 pmRoom 111 & 112


Chair(s): Paul Healey (Australia); Tanuj Dada (India); Michael Coote (Australia); Rupert Bourne (United Kingdom); Sheng Lim (United Kingdom); Gus Gazzard (United Kingdom); Mark Sherwood (United States); Jonathan Crowston (Australia);

    Thursday 3.45 pm-4.45 pmRoom 212 & 213

    Beyond IOP: Are there other modifiable risk factors in glaucoma?

    Chair(s): Fotis Topouzis (Greece); Jonathan Crowston (Australia);

    Friday 10.30 am-12.00 pmRoom 212 & 213

    New Potions from the Hogwarts Cauldron for Treating Glaucoma

    Chair(s): Leonard Levin (Canada); Viney Gupta (India); Francesca Cordeiro (United Kingdom);

    Friday 1.45 pm-3.15 pmRoom 203 & 204

    ANZGS Symposium - The Gillies Lecture, and A Showcase of Glaucoma Research from Australian and NewZealand Universities

    Chair(s): Anne Brooks (Australia); Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Ivan Goldberg (Australia);


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