Jesus Jimenez Roman

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- Early diagnosis of glaucoma
- Massive tracking of glaucoma
- Nerve fiber analysis
- Ganglionar cells analysis
- Minimal invasive glaucoma surgery
- Neural therapy in the management of glaucoma

Jimenez Roman

- Head of department of the Glaucoma service, Asociación para Evitar la Ceguera en Mexico IAP (designated in January 2011 to date)
- Chairman of the Hospital Committee of Bioethics, Asociación para Evitar la Ceguera en Mexico IAP (designated in March 2015 to date)

- Titular professor (postgraduate course in the subspecialty of Glaucoma), Autonomous University of Mexico (designated in 2011 to date)


Friday 5.00 pm-6.00 pmRoom 219

Tubes: varied techniques

Chair(s): Prin Rojanapongpun (Thailand); Mark Sherwood (United States); Luis Abegão Pinto (Portugal);

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 217

Latin American Glaucoma Society - Challenges in Glaucoma surgery - videos

Chair(s): Daniel Grigera (Argentina); TBA;

  • 12.15-12.22
    Oops! And now what do I do
    Rodolfo Perez Grossman (Peru)
  • 12.22-12.29
    Ab interno Trabeculotomy with 7-0 prolene
    Juan Jose Mura (Chile)
  • 12.29-12.36
    Spontaneous dislocation of Ex-Press Mini Shunt into the anterior chamber
    Jasbeth Ledesma (Mexico)
  • 12.36-12.43
    Trabeculotomy 360 with Glaucolight
    Vital Costa (Brazil)
  • 12.43-12.50
    Istent inject for advanced glaucoma patients
    Emilio Suzuki Jr (Brazil)
  • 12.50-12.57
    Clip snoper and Endo video Istent
    Jesus Jimenez Roman (Mexico)
  • 12.57-1.03
    Micro pulse laser in extreme glaucoma
    Fabian Lerner (Argentina)
  • 1.03-1.09
    Challenges in cataract and glaucoma surgery
    Sebastian Cronemberger (Brazil)
  • 1.09-1.15
    Secondary glaucoma after refractive surgery
    Nubia Vanessa (Brazil)


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