Henny Beckers

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Thursday 5.00 pm-6.00 pmMelbourne Room

Rapid Fire Session 1

Chair(s): Fabian Lerner (Argentina); TBA; Henny Beckers (Netherlands);

  • 5.00-5.05
    Spontaneous normal tension glaucoma in aged marmosets
    Takayuki Harada (Japan)
  • 5.05-5.10
    Bimatoprost Sustained-Release Implant for Lowering Intraocular Pressure: Long-Term Efficacy and Patient-Reported Outcomes
    Randy au Craven (United States)
  • 5.10-5.15
    Efficacy of A Deep Learning System for Detecting Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy based on Color Fundus Photographs
    Mingguang He (China)
  • 5.15-5.20
    In vitro and in vivo delivery of a sustained release nanocarrier-based formulation of an MRTF/SRF inhibitor in conjunctival fibrosis
    Cynthia Yu-Wai-Man (United Kingdom)
  • 5.20-5.25
    Combined Optical Coherence Tomography and Visual Field Endpoints to Improve Future Glaucoma Clinical Trials
    Zhichao Wu (Australia)
  • 5.25-5.30
    Progression in Perimetrically Normal Eyes of Open-angle Glaucoma Patients with Unilateral Visual Field Loss: An Eight-year-follow-up Study
    Xiang Fan (China)
  • 5.30-5.35
    Interim results of a prospective, randomized phase 2 study evaluating the safety and efficacy of Travoprost Intraocular Implants
    Robert Edward Ang (Philippines)
  • 5.35-5.40
    Development and Validation of a Deep Learning Classifier to Detect Gonioscopic Angle Closure Based on Anterior Segment OCT Images
    Benjamin Xu (United States)
  • 5.40-5.45
    Wound healing and its potential biomarkers in human tear after trabeculectomy
    Natalia Volkova (Russian Federation)

Friday 5.00 pm-6.00 pmRoom 219

Tubes: varied techniques

Chair(s): Prin Rojanapongpun (Thailand); Mark Sherwood (United States); Luis Abegão Pinto (Portugal);

Saturday 10.30 am-12.00 pmPlenary 2

Updating the evidence on MIGS

Chair(s): Paul Healey (Australia); Chelvin Sng (Singapore); Cecilia Fenerty (United Kingdom);



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