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Eddie Kgao
South Africa




Thursday 1.45 pm-3.15 pmRoom 220

Spotlight on Glaucoma in Africa

Chair(s): Neeru Gupta (Canada); Eddie Kgao Legodi (South Africa); Keith Martin (United Kingdom);

  • 1.45-1.48
    Opening Remarks
    Neeru Gupta (Canada)
  • 1.48-1.56
    A Call to Action in Africa
    Eddie Kgao Legodi (South Africa)
  • 1.56-2.04
    The Magnitude and Burden of Glaucoma in Africa
    Nkiru Kizor-Akaraiwe (Nigeria)
  • 2.04-2.12
    Is Glaucomatous Disease Different in Africa? Unique Clinical characteristics
    Susie Williams (South Africa)
  • 2.12-2.20
    Challenges and Opportunities of Medical and Surgical Management
    Dan Kiage (Kenya)
  • 2.20-2.28
    The Role of Laser Surgery in Africa
    Tony Realini (United States)
  • 2.28-2.32
    My journey - reducing blindness from glaucoma in South Africa
    Philip Phatudi (South Africa)
  • 2.32-2.36
    My journey - reducing blindness from glaucoma in Cameroon
    Martin Tchouyo (Cameroon)
  • 2.36-2.40
    My journey reducing blindness from glaucoma in Nigeria
    Farouk Garba (Nigeria)
  • 2.40-3.15
    Panel/Audience Discussion

Friday 5.00 pm-6.00 pmMelbourne Room

Rapid Fire Session 2

Chair(s): Ivan Goldberg (Australia); Parul Ichhpujani (India); Eddie Kgao Legodi (South Africa);

  • 5.00-5.05
    XEN Gel Stent Surgery in Patients with Open Angle Glaucoma: Two-Year Results
    Alice Di Domenico (Italy)
  • 5.05-5.10
    Outcomes of combined trabeculotomy with trabeculectomy in children with Aniridia and secondary glaucoma.
    Nkechinyere Judith Uche (India)
  • 5.10-5.15
    Trabecular Micro-Bypass with Cataract Surgery for Patients with Glaucoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Nathan Kerr (Australia)
  • 5.15-5.20
    Comparison of bleb morphology by conjunctival incision after trabeculectomy
    Hailong Huang (Japan)
  • 5.20-5.25
    Multicenter, randomized study of a Schlemm’s canal microstent for reduction of IOP in primary open angle glaucoma (The HORIZON Trial)
    Cathleen McCabe (United States)
  • 5.25-5.30
    Real World MIGS: Australian & New Zealand experience of > 1000 Hydrus Microstent implants with 1 to 3 year follow up.
    Ashish Agar (Australia)
  • 5.30-5.35
    Post-operative outcomes of revision surgery for failed XEN Implants at a UK tertiary eye centre
    Emma Linton (United Kingdom)
  • 5.35-5.40
    Ab interno gel implant for the treatment of refractory glaucoma: results from the International Glaucoma Surgery Registry (IGSR)
    Nathan Kerr (Australia)
  • 5.40-5.45
    Lens Extraction with or without Goniosynechialysis in Primary Angle Closure Disease for angle parameters assessment.
    Jyoti Shakrawal (India)
  • 5.45-5.50
    Risk factors for corneal endothelial cell loss after trabeculectomy with mitomycin C
    Tomomi Higashide (Japan)
  • 5.50-5.55
    Goniowash: a new surgical approach combined with cataract surgery to lower intraocular pressure in pseudoexfoliation syndrome.
    Van Tao Tran (Switzerland)


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