Society Symposium

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 203 & 204

Korean Glaucoma Society - Hot topics in glaucoma diagnosis and management

Chair(s): Michael S. Kook (South Korea); Chang Sik Kim (South Korea);

  • 08.30-08.40
    Investigation of peripapillary choroidal microvasculature using OCT angiography
    Eun Ji Lee (South Korea)
  • 08.40-08.50
    Vascular Biomarkers in Glaucoma:from 24 hour ocular perfusion pressure to OCT angiography
    Jaewan Choi (South Korea)
  • 08.50-09.00
    The change of optic nerve head during axial elongation and its relation with glaucoma
    Seok Hwan Kim (South Korea)
  • 09.00-09.10
    Sharing knowledge through the David EI Pyott Glaucoma Education Center
    Anne Louise Coleman (United States)
  • 09.10-09.20
    Risk Factors and Treatment of Angle Closure Glaucoma in the Korean Population
    Shan Lin (United States)
  • 09.20-09.30
    What Deforms the Lamina Cribrosa? A Three-Dimensional Investigation
    Gadi Wollstein (United States)

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 210 & 211

Indian Glaucoma Society - Managing Glaucoma in Resource Poor Settings

Chair(s): Devindra Sood (India); Rengappa Ramakrishnan (India); Shantha Acharya (India);

  • 08.30-08.40
    Screening Populations at Risk for Early Detection
    Rajul Parikh (India)
  • 08.40-08.50
    Leveraging technology to monitor populations at high risk of blindness from glaucoma
    Tanuj Dada (India)
  • 08.50-09.00
    Choosing Appropriate medical therapy for lesser developed world
    Paul Chandrima (India)
  • 09.00-09.10
    Managing PACD- Applying Recent Advances
    Shantha Acharya (India)
  • 09.10-09.20
    Cost effectiveness of SLT as initial therapy in POAG
    Parthasarathy Sathyan (India)
  • 09.20-09.30
    Surgical management of Glaucoma Appropriate to the developing World
    Rengappa Ramakrishnan (India)

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 217

Danish Glaucoma Society - Glaucoma get-together

Chair(s): Miriam Kolko (Denmark); Simon von Spreckelsen (Denmark);

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 218

Canadian Glaucoma Society - Put down the tonometer - there's more to glaucoma than IOP

Chair(s): Ali Hafez (Canada); Catherine Birt (Canada);

  • 08.30-08.40
    Beyond the usual suspects - What else can the cornea tell us
    Graham Belovay (Canada)
  • 08.40-08.50
    Glaucoma as a Two Pressure Disease - Role of ICP
    Ali Hafez (Canada)
  • 08.50-09.00
    Exercise and Glaucoma - Reducing glaucoma through workouts
    Enitan Sogbesan (Canada)
  • 09.00-09.10
    What is your patient’s position regarding glaucoma risk factors
    Yvonne Buys (Canada)
  • 09.10-09.20
    Aging with glaucoma - survival issues
    Andy Crichton (Canada)
  • 09.20-09.30
    Glaucoma surgery - up in smoke
    Lisa Gould (Canada)

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 219

Joint Symposium Austrian & Swiss glaucoma society

Chair(s): Anton Hommer (Austria); Gordana Sunaric-Megevand (Switzerland);

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 220

Taiwan Glaucoma Society - Asia Glaucoma Update

Chair(s): Catherine Jui-Ling Liu (Taiwan); Da-Wen Lu (Taiwan);

  • 08.30-08.40
    Changes in ocular hypotensive drug usage for glaucoma treatment after cataract surgery in Taiwan
    Pei-Yao Chang (Taiwan)
  • 08.40-08.50
    Wide field scan imaging with swept-source OCT for glaucoma diagnosis
    Henry Shen-Lih Chen (Taiwan)
  • 08.50-09.00
    Computer-aided diagnosis of glaucoma
    Yu-Chieh Ko (Taiwan)
  • 09.00-09.10
    POAG in patients with diabetes: diagnosis and management
    Yi-Chun Chen (Taiwan)
  • 09.10-09.20
    Phacoemulsification Technics in PACG Patients
    Yin-Yin Chen (Taiwan)
  • 09.20-09.30
    Phaco/IOL as an initial treatment for acute primary angle-closure
    Wei-Wen Su (Taiwan)

Wednesday 8.30 am-9.30 amRoom 216

Moroccan Glaucoma Society Symposium - Angle closures updated to remove confusion

Chair(s): Alain Bron (France); Tarek Shaarawy (Switzerland); Sidi Mohammed Ezzouhairi (Morocco); Robert Ritch (United States);

  • 08.30-08.39
    Understanding terminology and classifications
    Alain Bron (France)
  • 08.39-08.48
    Epidemiology and physiopathology of angle closure disease
    O. Cherkaoui (Morocco)
  • 08.48-08.57
    Zoom on gonioscopy
    Tarek Shaarawy (Switzerland)
  • 08.57-09.06
    Is Segment Anterior imaging of angle closure helpful or necessary?
    Sidi Mohammed Ezzouhairi (Morocco)
  • 09.06-09.15
    Irodotomy- Iridoplasty: Sequantial or Combined?
    Robert Ritch (United States)
  • 09.15-09.24
    Recent strategies to manage PAC and PACG
    M. Benharbit (Morocco)

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 216

Chilean Glaucoma Society

Chair(s): Jimena Schmidt (Chile);

  • 09.45-09.52
    Surgical Management of Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma
    Pablo Romero (Chile)
  • 09.52-09.59
    Trabeculectomy closure made fast and efficient
    Jimena Schmidt (Chile)
  • 09.59-10.06
    Cataract surgery in angle closure
    Andres Gerhard (Chile)
  • 10.06-10.13
    Surgery in the patient with aniridia and glaucoma
    Eugenio J. Maul (Chile)
  • 10.13-10.20
    Glaucoma surgery: what else can we do for better results?
    Juan Jose Mura (Chile)
  • 10.20-10.27
    Refractory glaucoma, what to do when a tube is not enough
    Francisco Pooley (Chile)
  • 10.27-10.34
    Malignant Glaucoma Management
    Eugenio A Maul (Chile)
  • 10.34-10.45

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 217

Saudi Glaucoma Society - Deep Sclerectomy

Chair(s): Saad Alshamrani (Saudi Arabia); Eman Alhussain (Saudi Arabia);

  • 09.45-09.55
    Amirah Al Dawood (Saudi Arabia)
  • 09.55-10.05
    Indications and Mechanisms of action
    Ahmed Alhabash (Saudi Arabia)
  • 10.05-10.15
    Surgical technique from A-Z
    Ali Albeshri (United States)
  • 10.15-10.25
    Complications and Postoperative care
    Nayef Alotaiby (Saudi Arabia)
  • 10.25-10.35
    Modifications and challenging cases
    Saad Alshamrani (Saudi Arabia)
  • 10.35-10.45
    D.S experience in Saudi Arabia
    Eman Alhussain (Saudi Arabia)

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 218

Romanian Glaucoma Society

Chair(s): Tin Aung (Singapore); Alina Popa-Cherecheanu (Romania);

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 219

Japanese Glaucoma Society - Hot topics of imaging for glaucoma diagnosis and management

Chair(s): Makoto Aihara (Japan); Makoto Nakamura (Japan);

  • 09.45-09.55
    Focal lamina cribrosa defect and glaucomatous visual field defect
    Yu Sawada (Japan)
  • 09.55-10.05
    Effect of glaucoma surgery on disc and parapapillary structure
    Kyung Rim Sung (South Korea)
  • 10.05-10.15
    Usefulness of OCT angiography in glaucoma diagnosis and management
    Tadamichi Akagi (Japan)
  • 10.15-10.25
    Usefulness of anterior segment imaging for glaucoma diagnosis and management
    Chelvin Sng (Singapore)
  • 10.25-10.35
    Structure-function relationship in the temporal raphe region
    Makoto Nakamura (Japan)
  • 10.35-10.45
    RNFL profile-based visual field sampling
    Allison McKendrick (Australia)

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 220

Turkish Glaucoma Society - New Treatment Options for Glaucoma

Chair(s): Kaweh Mansouri (Switzerland); Ilgaz Yalvac (Turkey);

  • 09.45-09.55
    New medical treatments for glaucoma
    Kivanç Güngör (Turkey)
  • 09.55-10.05
    Novel Drug Delivery Sytems
    Ahmet Akman (Turkey)
  • 10.05-10.15
    New Laser Treatment Options for Glaucoma
    Oya Tekeli (Turkey)
  • 10.15-10.25
    Xen Implant
    Kaweh Mansouri (Switzerland)
  • 10.25-10.35
    New MIGS Options
    Ike Ahmed (Canada)
  • 10.35-10.45

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 210 & 211

Brazilian Glaucoma Society

Chair(s): Marcelo Hatanaka (Brazil); Lisandro Sakata (Brazil); Carlos Gustavo de Moraes (United States);

  • 09.45-10.00
    Machine Learning in Glaucoma
    Alessandro Adad Jammal (United States)
  • 10.00-10.15
    Visual Crowding in Glaucoma
    Nara Ogata (Brazil)
  • 10.15-10.30
    Short and Long-term variability in glaucoma
    Carla Nagamine Urata (United States)
  • 10.30-10.45
    Discussion, Question and Answers
    Wilma Barbosa (Brazil)

Wednesday 9.45 am-10.45 amRoom 103

Bangladesh Glaucoma Society - How to manage difficult Glaucomas in the developing country

Chair(s): M.A. Mannaf (Bangladesh); Hasan Shahid (Bangladesh); Ziaul Karim (Bangladesh);

  • -
    Corneal Hysteresis and its relevance in Glaucoma diagnosis and prognosis
    Siddiqur Rahman (Bangladesh)
  • -
    PACG – Modern Medical management
    Zakia Sultana Shahid (Bangladesh)
  • -
    Comprehensive management of NVG
    Quamrul Islam Khan (Bangladesh)
  • -
    Laser and possible Surgical management of PACG
    Mizanur Rahman (Bangladesh)
  • -
    Short Tunnel Small Flap ( STSF) AGV implant in Refractory Glaucoma
    Nazrul Islam (Bangladesh)
  • -
    Managing Post Trab Hypotony
    Shams Md. Noman (Bangladesh)
  • -

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 217

Latin American Glaucoma Society - Challenges in Glaucoma surgery - videos

Chair(s): Fernando Gomez (Colombia); Daniel Grigera (Argentina);

  • 08.30-08.36
    Oops! And now what do I do
    Rodolfo Perez Grossman (Peru)
  • 08.36-08.42
    Ab interno Trabeculotomy with 7-0 prolene
    Juan Jose Mura (Chile)
  • 08.42-08.48
    Spontaneous dislocation of Ex-Press Mini Shunt into the anterior chamber
    Jasbeth Ledesma (Mexico)
  • 08.48-08.55
    Trabeculotomy 360 with Glaucolight
    Vital Costa (Brazil)
  • 08.55-09.02
    Istent inject for advanced glaucoma patients
    Emilio Suzuki Jr (Brazil)
  • 09.02-09.09
    Clip snoper and Endo video Istent
    Jesus Jimenez Roman (Mexico)
  • 09.09-09.16
    Micro pulse laser in extreme glaucoma
    Fabian Lerner (Argentina)
  • 09.16-09.23
    Challenges in cataract and glaucoma surgery
    Sebastian Cronemberger (Brazil)
  • 09.23-09.30
    Secondary glaucoma after refractive surgery
    Nubia Vanessa (Brazil)

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 210 & 211

International Society of Glaucoma Surgery - Glaucoma Surgical Nightmares

Chair(s): Michael Coote (Australia); Tarek Shaarawy (Switzerland); Tanuj Dada (India);

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 203 & 204

European Glaucoma Society - Towards a consistent definition of glaucoma and care outcome measures

Chair(s): David Garway-Heath (United Kingdom);

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 218

Philippines-Thailand-Vietnam Joint Symposium - Mastering Specific Surgical Maneuvers in Glaucoma

Chair(s): Benjamin Abela (Philippines); Ngamkae Ruangvaravate (Thailand);

  • 12.15-12.20
  • 12.20-12.30
    Preparing yourself for MIGS - Learning to Tilt the Microscope and Handling a Gonioprism
    Rommel Bautista (Philippines)
  • 12.30-12.40
    Deep Sclerectomy - Tips and Long Term Results
    Bui Thi Van Anh (Vietnam)
  • 12.40-12.50
    Complicated Glaucoma Surgeries Needing Glaucoma and Retina Co-Management
    Tan Do (Vietnam)
  • 12.50-1.00
    Tubes and Their Hypertensive Phase
    Visanee Tantisevi (Thailand)
  • 1.00-1.10
    Combined Phaco-Goniosynechialysis for Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma
    Darin Sakiyalak (Thailand)
  • 1.10-1.15
    Open Forum

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 216

Chinese Glaucoma Society - New findings and contributions by Chinese Glaucoma Specialists

Chair(s): Ningli Wang (China);

  • 12.15-12.25
    New Findings in the Mechanism of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy Caused by Trans-optic Nerve Pressure Gradient
    Ningli Wang (China)
  • 12.25-12.35
    Treatment on TNG
    Shan Lin (United States)
  • 12.35-12.45
    Epi-retinal Transplantation of Tissue-engineering Retinal Sheet to Repair Glaucomatous Neuropathy in Rhesus
    Jian Ge (China)
  • 12.45-12.55
    Juvenile ocular hypertension: clinical features and the relationship with autonomic nervous system function
    Xinghuai Sun (China)
  • 12.55-1.05
    Role and Mechanism of Regulating Lingo-1 in the Repair Process after Optic Nerve Injury
    Minbin Yu (China)
  • 1.05-1.15
    OCT image in primary angle closure glaucoma
    Xiulan Zhang (China)

Saturday 12.15 pm-1.15 pmRoom 203 & 204

Optometric Glaucoma Society Symposium - New Technologies in Glaucoma

Chair(s): Michael Chaglasian (United States);

  • 12.15-12.30
    OCT Angiography
  • 12.30-12.45
    Swept-Source OCT
  • 12.45-13.00
    Perimetry Update
  • 13.00-13.15


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