Presidential Symposium

Wednesday 11.45 am-1.45 pmPlenary 2

Game Changers in Glaucoma

Chair(s): Robert Weinreb (United States); Keith Martin (United Kingdom); Winifred Nolan (United Kingdom); Makoto Araie (Japan);

  • -
    Machines will make the diagnosis
    Felipe Medeiros (United States)
  • -
    So many genes, are we ready for personalized medicine?
    Janey Wiggs (United States)
  • -
    Who said glaucoma is an incurable disease?
    Keith Martin (United Kingdom)
  • -
    Detecting stressed ganglion cells
    Jonathan Crowston (Australia)
  • -
    Can we really regenerate the optic nerve?
    Jeff Goldberg (United States)
  • -
    Has the shelf life for drops in glaucoma management expired?
    Tina Wong Tzee Ling (Singapore)
  • -
    Surgical game changers: what's beyond MIGS?


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