Plenary Symposiums

Thursday 8.30 am-10.00 amTBA

New Frontiers in Medical Management

Chair(s): Harry Quigley (United States); Ivan Goldberg (Australia); Tin Aung (Singapore);

  • -
    Ciliary Muscle: A New Target For Glaucoma Therapy?
    Paul Kaufman (United States)
  • -
    Rho-kinase inhibitor, the Japanese experience
    Makoto Aihara (Japan)
  • -
    Pharmacogenomics: A Way to Optimize Glaucoma Management?
    Sayoko Moroi (United States)
  • -
    Nitric Oxide
    Robert Weinreb (United States)
  • -
    Novel Drug Delivery Systems
    Anton Hommer (Austria)
  • -
    Alternative and Complementary Therapy
    Tanuj Dada (India)

Friday 8.30 am-10.00 amPlenary 2

The glaucoma surgery armamentarium - what's in our 2019 bag of tricks

Chair(s): Prin Rojanapongpun (Thailand); TBA; TBA;

  • -
    Keep it simple: phaco alone
    Mark Walland (Australia)
  • -
    Less is more: MIGS
  • -
    A little more: LIGS, Xen - Microshunt
    Ingeborg Stalmans (Belgium)
  • -
    The gold standard: trabeculectomy
    Tanuj Dada (India)
  • -
    You are so superficial: non penetrating surgery
    Andre Mermoud (Switzerland)
  • -
    Shunt it: Glaucoma drainage devices
    Sheng Lim (United Kingdom)
  • -
    Less aqueous humor: Cyclodestruction
    Eugenio J. Maul (Chile)

Saturday 8.30 am-10.00 amPlenary 2

Grand Rounds

Chair(s): Frances Meier-Gibbons (Switzerland);


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