11th Consensus Meeting on Glaucoma Surgery

Please join us on Tuesday, March 26 in Melbourne for the 11th Consensus Meeting. The topic for this edition is Glaucoma Surgery.

11th Consensus Meeting on Glaucoma Surgery

  • Location: Room 203 & 204 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC)
  • Date: Tuesday March 26
  • Time:  09:00 am – 06:00 pm

Sections and Co-Chairs

  1. Guidelines for Clinical Surgical Trials and Outcome Measures
    • Section Leaders: Chris Girkin, Neeru Gupta, Pradeep Ramulu, Tarek Shaarawy, Fotis Topouzis and Ningli Wang
  2. Techniques
    • Section Leaders: Vital Costa, Brian Francis, Ki Ho Park, Kaweh Mansouri and Tina Wong
  3. Approach to Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
    • Section Leaders: Makoto Aihara, Tanuj Dada, Jeffrey Liebmann, Pradeep Ramulu, Lisandro Sakata, Ingeborg Stalmans and Fotis Topouzis
  4. Approach to Angle Closure Glaucoma
    • Section Leaders: Tin Aung, David Friedman, Julian Garcia-Feijoo, Fabian Lerner, Ki Ho Park and Clement Tham
  5. Approach to Other Glaucomas
    • Section Leaders: Florent Aptel, Fabian Lerner, Vijaya Lingam, Kaweh Mansouri, Arthur Sit and Tetsuya Yamamoto

Glaucoma Surgery Consensus Chair: Robert N. Weinreb

What is a Consensus Meeting?

The Glaucoma Consensus is based on an assumption that groups make better decisions than even their smartest member. Assembling a sufficiently large and sufficiently diverse group of glaucoma specialists and scientists provides recommendations and insights that are likely to be superior to those of a single clinician. These recommendations and insights form the foundation for the Glaucoma Consensus Reports.

Consensus process

Several months prior to the actual meeting, online discussions are initiated in the Consensus E-room. Each of the 5 sections in the Glaucoma Surgery Consensus is directed by two consensus co-chairs and 3-4 section leaders. In addition, more than 15 global experts participate in the online discussion and contribute to the section report.

For each section, a report is created and consensus statements are formulated.  The draft report then is sent to the representatives of all WGA member societies and contact persons of the WGA Glaucoma Industry Members for comments. At the Consensus Meeting, each section presents their consensus statements for discussion and possible revision by the entire group.  After the meeting, section reports are updated based on the outcomes of the meeting. Moreover, a consensus panel of glaucoma leaders reviews and comments on the reports.  The final reports are published in a book.

What can you expect by joining the Consensus Meeting as an Observer?

As described above, each of the five sections will present their consensus statements during the meeting. As an observer, you will have an opportunity to listen and contribute.

How to join

Due to an overwhelming response, the observer tickets for the meeting are fully booked.



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